Palm Beach County Resources

There are a variety of resources available to gay Palm Beachers.  Some of them are listed below.  A more extensive listing is available in PDF format by clicking Resource Guide.

Inclusion in this list does not imply endorsement by  Tri-Angle Consulting LGBT.

Compass, Inc. provides a list of businesses and service providers who are members of the Compass  Pride Business Alliance (PBA) at

Visitors are invited to send an email to with new or updated information.We do not list bars, or other entertainment venues.
HIV/AIDS Case Management
HIV/AIDS Prevention
Youth & Family Services
Community Outreach
Pride Business Alliance
  • Comprehensive AIDS Program (CAP)
  • PFLAG - Parents, Family & Friends of Lesbians and Gays (
  • Tri-Angle Consulting LGBT (
Click the triangle for a PDF copy of the Palm Beach County LGBT Resource Guide
Some Facts About Suicide:
(NOTE: Refrain from using the phrase "commit(ed) suicide." Instead, use "died by suicide" or "completed suicide" when describing a fatal suicide attempt).
  • In the United States, more than 34,000 people die by suicide each year
  • Suicide is the third leading cause of death among 15 to 24-year-olds, accounting for over 12% of deaths in this age group; only accidents and homicide occur more frequently
  • Suicide is the second leading cause of death on college campuses
  • For every completed suicide by a young person, it is estimated that 100 to 200 attempts are made
  • Lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth are up to four times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers
  • More than 1/3 of LGB youth report having made a suicide attempt
  • Nearly half of young transgender people have seriously thought about taking their lives and one quarter report having made a suicide attempt
  • Questioning youth who are less certain of their sexual orientation report even higher levels of substance abuse and depressed thoughts than their heterosexual or openly LGBT-identified peers
  • LGB youth who come from highly rejecting families are more than 8 times as likely to have attempted suicide than LGB peers who reported no or low levels of family rejection
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