Client-Facing Materials (Marketing, Applications, Forms)

One of the biggest issues faced by LGBT youth and adults is visibility. Many organizations simply "forget" about LGBT clients and make little or no effort to demonstrate inclusiveness.

  • Does your marketing material include references to LGBT issues and people Both in print and online?
  • Is your marketing material gender neutral or more heterosexixt?
  • Are registration and intake documents gender-sensitive?
  • Do your LGBT clients/students/associates recommend you to others?
  • Would you want your organization listed in a guide to gay-friendly businesses?
  • Do you need guidance and/or editing assistance on written material aimed at LGBT members of your community?
Trainings & Workshops

Over the past ten years Tri-Angle Consulting LGBT has developed a range of trainings and workshops to meet a variety of needs for schools, agencies, organizations and corporations that wish to make their environments safer and more welcoming for all.

Below are some of the areas of focus that can be developed to achieve your goals.

Programs range from 90 minute presentations to day-long interactive workshops.

  • Anti-gay bullying in schools
  • Creating a "Safe Zone"
  • Issues faced by LGBT youth
  • LGBT youth in foster care
  • LGBT youth and juvenile justice
  • Preventing suicide for LGBT youth
  • Making schools safer for all students
  • Making social services agencies safer and more welcoming for all clients
  • LGBT diversity in the workplace
  • Gender and transgender issues in the classroom or workplace
  • Gender variance in the family setting (what if my child is gay?)

Workshops can be tailored for:

  • Administrators
  • All levels of management
  • Classroom teachers
  • Guidance counselors
  • Parents/PTAs/PTSAs
  • Police/security personnel
  • Psychologists/social workers
  • School bus drivers and support personnel
  • Support staff
Internal Policies, Procedures and Documents

Many organizations believe that they have safe and welcoming work environments for everyone.  But that may not, in fact, be true.  Tri-Angle Consulting LGBT can audit your policies and procedures and interview your staff to help determine their levels of competency in the areas of LGBT awareness and support. Some of the questions considered include:

  • Are policies and procedures gay employee-friendly?
  • Are they in writing?
  • Do you enforce them consistently?
  • Do you require staff and management to attend trainings?
  • Do you offer partner benefits?
  • Do your internal documents reflect cultural awareness of LGBT issues?
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